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Mr Manokore was invited to be a key speaker at the 22nd Africa Oil Week held in Cape Town in October 2015, presenting on the oil and gas potential in Zimbabwe, the oil generating potential in the Zambezi basin and the opportunities available to potential investors in Coal Bed Methane (CBM). He will also be sitting on the policy and law panel discussion at Africa’s elite event for energy and investment, the Africa Oil and Power event held in Cape Town in June 2016.

Comprehensive baseline analysis of the regulatory framework of the electricity sector in Zimbabwe including an analysis of the following:
• National Energy Policy, 2012;
• Electricity Act [CAP 13:19];
• Electricity Amendment Act of 2007;
• Electricity Amendment Act 0f 2011;
• Electricity (Licencing) Regulations 103/2008;
• Energy Regulatory Authority Act [CAP 13:23];
• ZERA Tariff Code.