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Our International Trade and Project Finance practice group is responsible for facilitating the Ministry of Industry and Commerce’s Consignment Based Conformity Assessment programme.
Our role as legal counsel in this arrangement involved the following:
• opining on legal matters as and when requested to by each of the Parties,
• drafting the relevant commercial contracts to between our client and the government to effect the programme,
• Drafting other agreements between our client and other technical partners as well as suppliers,
• Crafting and subsequently recommending to the Ministry the relevant legislation to effect the Programme.
As part of our role in this project, we have attended meetings and made presentations for high level government officials as well as the formulation of appropriate commercial legal structures to maximise the relationship between our client and the government. We additionally remain engaged on a semi-permanent basis to provide updates and other ancillary advisory services for the client on the development of the programme and on any likely future legal implications of the project.