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Investment Roads Opening Up In Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe’s economy is just starting to recover from over a decade of hyperinflation and a massive economic recession. The relative stabilisation of Zimbabwe’s economy since hyperinflation has resulted in increased investor confidence. In the midst of its recovery, an international investment research group survey has ranked Zimbabwe as one of the top three African countries which offer the best investment return between now and 2016.

1. Currently Zimbabwe has an inflation rate of 3.5% one of the lowest inflation rates in Africa. Its economy is fast growing; its GDP growth at present parallels the BRIC economies. Zimbabwe’s GDP grew by 9.6% in 2010, 10.6% in 2012 and 4.4 % in 2012.

2. Deals are being done, investor money is trickling in, but the oft asked question is why and how given the perceived chaos of the recently past years?

Zimbabwe has a highly skilled labour force and is well endowed with vast mineral, agricultural and tourism resources. Aggressive investors who are keen on investing in Zimbabwe should familiarise themselves with the business environment and the legal requirements of investing in Zimbabwe and also devise ways to manage and secure their investment. Most importantly investors should identify good local counsel to “handhold” them through the process of investing in the Zimbabwean market.

Investment Roads Opening Up In Zimbabwe: A Brief Overview was published in issue 10 of the SJ Berwin Emerging Markets Newsletter.

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Author: Lloyd Manokore & Tendai Rwodzi