French Focus

Manokore Attorneys’ dedicated French Focus offers tailored business and legal service provision to specifically handle the nuances that are typically experienced by Francophone countries in doing business in Zimbabwe. The Manokore Attorneys French Focus has a dedicated member from the M&A team whose French language skills and understanding of the French culture, assist our Francophone clients with their business interests in Zimbabwe. Many of our Francophone clients have sought our legal services and advice particularly in the realm of mergers and acquisitions, and have been related to sectors such as manufacture, agriculture and energy. Due to a lack of a historical colonial footprint in the country, Francophone investors discover an ease of doing business in Zimbabwe which, together with the vast opportunities available in the country, makes Zimbabwe an ideal investment destination for them. As part of the DLA Piper Africa Alliance, we have access to over 15 leading law firms across the continent, allowing us to expand our reach far beyond the borders of Zimbabwe. The French Focus aims to not only provide potential Francophone clients with innovative business and structural advice for their transactions in both the local and international markets, but also supplements this tailored service with cross-culture communication skills and an understanding of the French language and business etiquette.

The French Focus’ deal experience includes the acquisition of Anchor Yeast by Lesaffre, a French yeast manufacturer who is one of the world’s largest producer of yeast, as well as the acquisition of Redan Petroleum by Puma Energy, a mid and downstream fuel company. We also act as legal consultants for Bureau Veritas, an international certification agency. We believe that our understanding of the business culture in Zimbabwe, our close connection to the local and international French community as well as our passion for creating innovative business solutions for Francophone investors, makes our French Focus ideal in offering strategic guidance to our clients,in order to realise the success of French interests in Africa.