China Practice

Manokore的总部位于津巴布韦,是一家业务遍布非洲地区的专业律师事务所。我们的团队皆由专业知识广博,专业技能丰富,及拥有良好职业素养和道德的律师组成。我们经常在本地和国际市场上构建开创性的交易。 我们不但执行效率高,且在津巴布围和南非地区的法律实践操作中采用了全新的视角。因此,我们准备提供一个专门的中国实践区和战略指导,在非洲实现到中国利益的成功。经过与非洲最大的公司之一,在本地市场上,我们以兼并与收购为主,作为优选律师事务所已经站稳脚步了,在本地和国际规模上,还参与了大型兼并与收购交易。
比如说,我们为一家当地石油公司《Puma Energy》收购《Redan Petroleum》、及《Lessafre》收购《Anchor Yeast》的收购交易当交易律师 。我们的专业知识主要集中在谈判和起草所有明确的,附属文件和行政文件,包括获得监管部门的批准,在大型交易,提供一条龙服务。我们也为国际客户提供跨境交易和法律咨询服务的丰富经验。我们为 法国国际检验局担任过许多交易方面的法律顾问。中国商企业所面临的困难是当他们还在中国的时候就有了,而不是到了津巴布围或非洲才有的。我们有一名在北京待过,深知客户需求并且精通普通话的律师。 Manokore拥有资深的律师团队,致力于为客户突破文化障碍,使之全程掌控进度。 和中国中兴,三一国际及中国出口信用保险公司等大型集团有过合作。作为DLA Piper Africa Alliance的一员,我们在洲内有超15家领先的法律事务所的优良资。 我们的中华区就是您通向非洲的大门。


Manokore Attorneys is a Pan African focused, specialised business law firm based in Zimbabwe. We constitute a team of well-exposed, diverse and attentive lawyers. We are regularly structuring innovative transactions in both local and international markets. We take pride in our ability to execute with efficiency and we have taken a fresh perspective to the practice of law in Zimbabwe and the southern African region. As such, we are prepared to offer a dedicated China Practice Area and the strategic guidance necessary to realise the success of Chinese interests in Africa.

We have established a firm footing in the local market as a “go to” firm for Mergers & Acquisitions and have been involved in large mergers and acquisitions on both a local and international scale, dealing with some of the biggest names in Africa. We were the transaction lawyers for the Puma Energy acquisition of Redan Petroleum, as well as the Lesaffre acquisition of Anchor Yeast. Our expertise is focused on the negotiation and drafting of all definitive, subsidiary and administrative documents, including obtaining regulatory approvals in respect of large transactions, from inception to closing and post-closing. We also have vast experience in cross border transactions and legal advisory services for international clients. We have acted as legal consultants for Bureau Veritas on a range of matters.

The difficulties of Chinese businesses and companies do not start upon their arrival in Zimbabwe or Africa at large, but rather while they are still in China. We have an attorney conversant in Mandarin, who has spent time in Beijing and understands the needs of Chinese clients. Manokore Attorneys has qualified and experienced lawyers who are willing, capable and committed to breaking cross-cultural barriers and the ability to hand hold clients through the entire process, from China to Africa. Experience with Chinese clients include ZTE, SANY International and SINOSURE. As part of the DLA Piper Africa Alliance, we have access to over 15 leading law firms across the continent. Our China Practice Area is your gateway, from China to Africa.


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